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Sophisticated show acts for successful events

Vertical Performance

Vertical Show on any wall

Whether you would like to see our artist walk over water or run up the wall:The EUROVIVA Vertical-show gives your advertising or specially made video for advertising a fascinating impulse – on any wall! The vertical wall becomes the stage for this spectacular performance between the sky and earth.

For your company presentation or company event, we from EUROVIVA Entertainment can use any walls either vertical or horizontal. Professionally and effectively we can project nearly all vertical surfaces like company walls, Industrial buildings, church towers, bridges, etc. artistically or, for example a fashion show or live musicians...

Our artists perform with the projection as background: whether spectacularly dynamic, dancing sensually, entertainingly or breathtakingly dramatic. Together with the combination people, art and video projection, anything can be done to create this event. An unusual performance, refreshing and creative. A spectacular publicity campaign, fascinating and long lasting.

Euroviva Entertainment