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Sophisticated show acts for successful events

Aerial Silk

Aerial act with acrobatic sense for events

In reality it is only a long piece of cloth. But never the less it is still one of the most spectacular accessories for providing tension pure and breathtaking fascination at your company or evening event. With this aerial acrobatic show you can delight and touch the feelings of your audience. It is not high-tech or magic that raises the enthusiasm in your guests.

It is a fascinating artist with her piece of cloth. Due to her expressive and sensual way of moving, within seconds the audience will be drawn into her world, a poetry of movement. Weightlessness can almost be felt.

With feminine elegance and gentle unique charisma, the artist draws the public under her spell. Dramatic surprise elements and spectacular downward spins make the heart beat faster. Aerial Silk is a gala and event act that touches all the senses - at every event, always.

Euroviva Entertainment