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Sophisticated show acts for successful events

Air Dancers

Powerful dance with the wind, fascinating setting for show and event

The stage is alive - filled with a graceful dance with the wind. Lithe and lissome the modern dance interpretation winds itself around the excellent artists who even give a hold and a form to the strongest wind. The show act itself seems to be a mere whiff of wind and silk. But what seems to be so effortless is simultaneously a show of strength - skillfully orchestrated by artists who can be booked for your event.

EUROVIVA ENTERTAINMENT combines know-how with extremely strong wind machines letting the Air Dancers perform a spectacular show, flowing harmoniously, a feast for all eyes. With the Air Dancers emotions become visible and palpable - and that on almost all larger stages and therefore more than suited to your corporate entertainment event. For the Air Dancers’ performance it is all about skillful play with the wind. The dancers and artists, who can be bookeded via EUROVIVA offer a fantastic setting for any big event or show. Combine art and entertainment with the power of nature. Bring a fresh wind to your corporate event. Contact EUROVIVA to book this uniquely intrepid show act and the artists for an impressive show, for an event that will be remembered.

Euroviva Entertainment