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Sophisticated show acts for successful events


The Bubble Flawless dance and acrobatics performed in a life size floating ball. Become mesmerized with this visual feast, as the Artist seems trapped inside this sparkling, crystal ball.


The net in this act becomes an artistic instrument. High up in the air the artiste floats gracefully and effortlessly, surprising us with jumps to the moon, spectacular flight elements and artistic charisma.


With this animation show you can combine the excellent acrobatics with advertising for your company. Like an angel the artist flies directly over the heads of the guests and glides through the entire location. Weightlessnes and grace are the features of this exclusive animation.


The Flying Circle is the perfectcombination of high athletic performance and artistic grace in harmony with music and light.
They use the dynamics of the bungee cords and the weinging trapeze for performing breathtaking somersaults, jumps and other imposing figures.


An unusual and sensuous dress, a gleaming grand piano and a beautiful chandelier. With these accessories the artist transforms every event for a moment into a magnificent ballroom in her flying show.


The pole snatches the performer up into the air at dizzying heights. And the dance continues – in elaborate perfection. High in the air, the pole is constantly moving. This World Class Acrobatic Act kept the whole of Germany Enthralled during the search of the „Super Talent 2012“.


A dance between heaven and earth. In unlimited height, just above the world, the artist floats horizontally, vertically and with her long swinging flights, rapid pirouettes and lithe variety of movements she captures the public`s enthusiasm.


Up in the air a long cloth and a fascinating artiste blend in a breathtaking show act which is guaranteed to create the goose pimple feeling.  The acrobatic game with the cloth is quite breathtaking, the plunges from such a great height spectacular, the interpretation of the artiste in unison with cloth and music elegant.


The EUROVIVA Vertical-show gives your advertising or specially made video for advertising a fascinating impulse - on any wall!
The vertical wall becomes the stage for this spectacular performance between the sky and earth.


The dance of the piano with its artiste evolves into a heavenly sonata of passion and acrobatics. High above the heads of the audience the acrobatic elements merge with magical music and affect the hearts of the viewers.


Music (f)lies in the air. During the flying act the artist plays her violin live and this sometimes hanging upside down. Pure sounds, perfect movements and all this in the upmost heights of your location.


Here the artists tells stories which move and fascinate. Sometimes the drummers climb up to 30 metres at high speed to accompany the background music beat by beat in their own dazzling way.


Aerial Acrobatics in the third dimension. This show is the most exclusive form of aerial acrobatics that is possible in the new millennium. Using computer controlled 3d-airframe equipment the performer, requisites or customer objects can be moved three dimensionally through the air space with up to 8m/s and up to 200m.


A show act with a suprise effect whereby the saxophone player glides up or down a wall or onto the stage or amidst your guests. To match your personal event this musical and artistic performance can be made more thrilling and even staged on high buildings.

Euroviva Entertainment