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Sophisticated show acts for successful events

Art Flying

Experience this aerial dance close at hand

Supple movements, charming appearance: The artist of the show act Art Flying passes so near to your guests that for one moment they can almost touch her, only to disappear then for a few seconds in the air high up in the location.

A dance between heaven and earth. In unlimited height, just above the world, this angel like figure floats sometimes horizontally, sometimes vertically, and with her long swinging flights, rapid pirouettes and lithe variety of movements she captures the public's enthusiasm.

By means of an airframe and modern technology the artist seems nearly weightless. Combine this act with the EUROVIVA show-act Flying Circle or with a dance show and you will have your guests entranced and amazed. In addition music, magical lighting and exceptional artists. A perfect show. An unforgettable event.

Euroviva Entertainment