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Sophisticated show acts for successful events

Dancing Piano

Acrobatic dance and live music gracefully interpreted in a show act with a grand piano

It is a flirtatious mixof beauty and art which gives an extravagant and at the same time sensual note to this show act. The graceful artiste and her skillful playing alternate harmoniously with unparalleled aesthetic dance moves on the top of the grand piano and so fascinate and affect the audience. Dance elements meet equilibrist and contortion. Perfectly performed moves blend into a choreography which enthralls the audience.

Dancing Piano is a skillful combination of acrobatics and live music at its highest perfection. The thrill of the piano playing artiste unites with acrobatic elements and creates a fantastic image which, with the help of a self-propelling platform, can be watched from any angle. Sometimes angelic, sometimes modernistic – the performance of this artistic act leaves the interpretation open. Also in combination with further spectacular acrobatic acts such as the Flying Violin – the virtuous violin playing of an angel-like trapeze artist who also dances on ice.

In a duet beauty and emotion complement each other to become a perfect dream. Accompanied by music and emphasised by a lissome as well as breathtaking artistic performances this show will become an unforgettable remembrance of any celebration from business event to grand gala performance

Euroviva Entertainment