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Flying Piano

Heavenly dance of the piano up in the air

It is a glittering ball night. A wild and romantic declaration of love to music. Coyly the piano player, dressed in a dream of net lace and silk, starts to play the first bars on the piano. And before the audience can even begin to immerge into the spell of the music the dance of the piano with its artiste into heavenly heights begins. Over the heads of the audience acrobatic elements blend  with magical music and affect the hearts of the listeners. The acrobat’s grace is endearing, the  melody of temptation is alluring.

One moment they attract each other the next moment each needs their own space. Piano and artiste. The artiste symbolises delicate and fragile femininity as well as the power of women. And she is fascinating. With grace, elegance and artistic perfection. The dance of the piano with its artiste becomes a heavenly sonata of passion and acrobatics. In the daytime: a dream. At night: pure temptation.

With this liaison of acrobatics and music EUROVIVA ENTERTAINMENT demonstrates particularly affectionately strength of expression and variety of their show acts as special highlights for modern events as well as for grand gala performances. Flying Piano is a multi-dimensional aerial show using a 3D airframe supported by a crane and can be carried out indoors and outdoors. Rarely is music so amazing. Again and again this unique show act will undoubtedly affect your guests emotionally!

Euroviva Entertainment