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Giant Puppets

Giant puppets up to five metres tall create magical moments

They are delicate but huge.  Their mystical charm and discreet elegance is wholly satisfying. The EUROVIVA ENTERTAINMENT Giant Puppets  are up to five metres tall puppets made of wire mesh and  are handled by puppeteers and skillfully staged. The seemingly three dimensional magical puppets can be customised for any event. The puppeteers can be booked as well. For they are the hidden artists who implement the individual choreography solely for your event and handle the Giant Puppets with exact precision - accompanying your special individual event story. Here you can choose to have the joining together of art and entertainment or the act of the fragile creatures on their own. With almost human-like movements the Giant Puppets also come into touch with the audience - depending on the type of production chosen. They tell touching stories in evocative moments. Space and time become unimportant. A magical and fabulous combination of art and entertainment. Book this enchanting live act and our artists for your event! You will be thrilled!

Euroviva Entertainment