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Sophisticated show acts for successful events


Nothing stands on the stage except an enormous glass bowl full of water. Flowing movements from acrobatics, ballet and dance symbolize purity, femininity and aesthetic. It seems as if the artist and the water are one. This number convert the stage into a place of pure magic.


A fusion of strength and elegance with a unique blend of pole dancing and first class, elite acrobatic skills. The secret of our convertible act is a custom-built, wireless-controlled stage platform with its self sufficient lighting, fog and pyrotechnical effects.


Their transparent appearance and seeming lack of identity enable them to assume the most different roles. Through their sheer size and grace they create a positive mood and a strong atmosphere from the very first moment.


Dynamic swinging at a height of 5 metres. The secret: poles made from highly elastic fiberglass. The acrobatic skills: the perfect swinging of the artists by shifting the weight.


A combination of acrobatics and live music at its highest perfection. The thrill of the piano playing artiste is united with acrobatic elements and creates a fantastic image which, with the help of a self-propelling stage platform, can be watched from any angle


The stage is alive- filled with a graceful dance with the wind. Lithe and lissome the modern dance interpretation winds itself around the excellent artists who even give a hold and a form to the strongest windmachines.

Euroviva Entertainment