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Sophisticated show acts for successful events

Street Light

artistic dance on and around a lantern – for shows, events and galas

EUROVIVA ENTERTAINMENT presents Pole Art. It is the graceful combination of art and entertainment. A fusion of strength and elegance with a unique blend of pole dancing and first class, elite acrobatic skills.

EUROVIVA ENTERTAINMENT has taken the Taboo out of Pole Acrobatics for your Gala and high powered events.
We use state of the art, innovative pole props making it possible to offer pole dance in any space. The secret of our convertible act is a custom-built, wireless-controlled stage platform with its self sufficient lighting, fog and pyrotechnical effects.

Whether she is dressed in an elegant ball gown or a sexy outfit these poles provide the Artist with the necessary grip and freedom to perform. We ensure that each story will stay artistically and acrobatically centre stage, leaving your guests in awe.

Captivate your guests with this magical perfection and beauty. Provide amazement. Book the Street Light performers for your Gala, Event or Show and watch as we combine art and entertainment as you would like it!
Euroviva Entertainment