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Sway Poles

artistic perfection floating5m off the ground. Book your dancers, performers and artists for the absolute wow factor at your event!

The image of a delicate blade of grass drifting in a fresh breeze. Our sway poles oscillate gently forwards and back and from side to side. As the Artist provides momentum, the movement of the pole becomes larger and larger and the impossible seems possible - we believe that the Artist can reach down and touch the floor from 5meters in the air!

Dancing, swaying seamlessly, 5meters in the air, our Sway Poles are outstanding as part of any show or as an individual act. Pole acrobats transport the onlookers into a state of breathless excitement. Each swing leaves the audience trembling and amazed andensures a unique effects on both small and large stages.
Art, ability and a unique choreography – which can be customised to the wishes of the client – combine to produce a breathtaking act.

The secret? Our Exclusive Sway Poles are made of highly elastic fibre glass. The acrobatic achievement: perfect swings, bends, turns and dance using weight transfer.

We can provide individual performers or a complete ensemble who can perform with or without props, drifting gracefully on our Sway Poles to be the highlight of your event.

Wow your guests and audiences and ensure goose pimples at your event - indoors or outdoors. This act is Exclusive to EUROVIVA ENTERTAINMENT.

Euroviva Entertainment