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Sophisticated show acts for successful events

Wings of music

Music (f)lies in the air

With this Flying Show-act you will attract not only the full attention of your event guests – but also their absolute enthusiasm. Two outstanding artists will make you hold your breath while they show fantastic aerial acrobatics to live music.

With an extraordinary feeling for the music the aerial Euroviva-duo unite a spectacular dance with a mobile and a colossal shining chandelier. You can experience a symphony for your senses when the music from violin and grand piano seemingly blend together. Relax into a sensuous romance that takes place over your head. The breathtaking play of light,music and aesthetic acrobatics take you on an unforgettable trip.

Optionally this aerial show can be combined with a live band, a classical orchestra or a DJ. The musical repertoire of these artists reaches from classic through pop to rock. The best effects are obtained when this act is performed in a big location, atrium or trade fair.

Euroviva Entertainment